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April 23, 2024 – The city council held a special meeting today to consider its response to the homeless car park referendum. They met behind closed doors for about 40 minutes then emerged to debate what to do. The end result was that they voted to delay the homeless car park pending the outcome of the November election.


Petition is now closed.

Sedona, AZ,  April 8, 2024 –  Today we turned in over 1000 signatures, well over the 597 minimum needed for a referendum to let the residents decide if a homeless car park should be allowed at Cultural Park.  We are very confident that after the city and county finish their verification process, we will have more than enough valid signatures to qualify for the November Ballot. 

We are grateful for the amazing and passionate residents of Sedona who are united on this issue and signed our referendum petition.  This is a remarkable achievement considering this was a grassroots effort accomplished in just three weeks after the City Council approved the zoning change on March 12th.   Residents have made it clear that they want their voice and input considered on decisions of this significance by a ballot vote. 


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“It was not the best idea,” he said. “It’s not even a great idea.
It’s a sucky idea, actually. ”

– quote by Sedona Mayor Jablow in The Guardian (UK) dated April 6th,
about the Homeless Car Park in Cultural Park

The Key Points

We Need 597 Signatures by April 11

We need 597 registered Sedona Voters to sign the petition by April 11 to put this referendum on the Nov. 5 General Election Ballot. Let our Residents decide what is best for Sedona. Over 1000 signatures we submitted on April 8th.

Sedona Can Do Better!

City Council has let the homeless workers sleep in their cars for the past two years. Now they propose they live in their cars for another two years. That is not our definition of a caring community. We can do better than this! Sedona is a caring community.

Un-Enforceable Rules

Don’t smoke in your car. Don’t run your car engine for warmth or air conditioning. Don’t leave trash. Don’t leave your car once you are parked and inside it. Provide authentic proof of employment.

Not a Safe Place to Park

This Happy Name leaves out all the issues and concerns voiced by residents. It is misleading. City Council has ignored all the warnings and experience of residents who have seen this folly fail in others cities.

If you Build It, They Will Come

Thanks to the media push and interviews already done by the Mayor and City Council, social media comments are already saying the homeless who live in their cars in the Valley, are planning to come to Sedona for the cooler nights this summer.

Does Nothing to Solve the Issue

The City’s proposal for a homeless car camp at Cultural Park does nothing to address the true problem of assisting homeless workers to have a permanent, affordable INDOOR place to live. Their approach is not caring, it is not humane.


Total Cost (grant and taxpayer) for 2-year Program


Homeless Workers


Cost per Month per car for 2 years

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Iconic Cultural Park
Is For all Residents

The Cultural Park could be saved as the iconic entertainment venue that it once was, and not turned into high-density housing starting with a homeless car lot. Others have suggested using the park as a gathering place for the people where Sedonans can enjoy the last great open space in the city.

This critical decision should be made by the People. The City bought this property in Dec 2023 for $23M without a definite plan on what to do with the property.

Sedona’s Cultural Park has been an integral part of our community hosting numerous cultural events and is a beautiful green oasis that respects our landscape. It contributes to the unique character that makes Sedona special and as an asset that belongs to all of us, it has never been fully realized. With the massive recent expansion of live performance, revenue from live events, professionally managed, can help the City pay for homeless services and other needs that residents are demanding. 2000 local residents have signed a Petition to “SAVE THE CULTURAL PARK”, please join us.”

See “Save Cultural Park” Facebook Group Page.


What Sedona Residents are saying

“I believe a car park for homeless workers is little more than a feel-good band-aid for a national and local housing crisis that in a tourist-dependent town even affects middle-income earners,”

  • Mike Ward

Safe Car Parks have failed elsewhere because of the health and safety hazards they create. For example San Luis Obispo opened a “temporary” Safe Car Park two years ago but the county there closed it because of the public health problems it created.   Just last week, homeless people in the car park sued the San Luis Obispo County to obtain a restraining order to keep the “temporary” car park open.  If Sedona decides to open a “temporary” car park it can expect the same to happen here.”

  • Bill Noonan

This project was presented to the City Council on Jan 9 2024 as having broad community support and little resistance. That is not true. The resistance has been strong! The City cannot provide credible numbers or data on how many homeless we have in Sedona vs how many homeless workers live in their car.  After approving the zoning change on March 12, THEN they just issued an RFP for A Homeless Needs Assessment. Two years too late!

  • Jim McCabe

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