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Audit finds California spent $24B on homelessness in 5 years, didn’t consistently track outcomes

“This report concludes that the state must do more to assess the cost-effectiveness of its homelessness programs,” State Auditor Grant Parks wrote in a letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom and lawmakers. – per CBS NEWS

The audit analyzed five programs that received a combined $13.7 billion in funding. It determined that only two of them are “likely cost-effective,” including one that converts hotel and motel rooms into housing and another that provides housing assistance to prevent families from becoming homeless.

Among other things, the audit found that the California Interagency Council on Homelessness, which oversees the implementation of the homelessness programs, hasn’t tracked spending or whether programs were working since June 2021. The council has no consistent method to collect outcome data for these programs, and it doesn’t verify the accuracy of the data submitted by municipalities, the audit found.

Furthermore, the state database includes deleted records and test entries, and some data on the number of program participants might be overstated, the audit found.

Source: CBS NEWS

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