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Where is all that money going to fight homelessness in Arizona? No one knows

Arizona spends roughly $1 billion each year on the homeless problem without success – per AZ Central

While the state spends an estimated $1 billion of taxpayer money every year on homelessness alleviation, the number of Arizonans without shelter continues to grow at a substantial rate.

Even more worrying, the number of unsheltered homeless, the most vulnerable among them, more than tripled between 2014 and 2023. 

Common Sense Institute identified at least 167 public and private homeless service providers employing roughly 9,000 workers and 42,000 volunteers. They reported that’s about the size of the state’s mining and logging sector in terms of work hours.

These organizations are spending more than $47,200 per homeless person each year. That figure is double the median annual rent, and it’s more than half the state’s annual GDP in farming.


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