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‘We just need a little help’: how a safe parking plan for people living in cars split a US town

“It was not the best idea,” said Scott Jablow, the town’s mayor. “It’s not even a great idea. It’s a sucky idea, actually. It’s a last-ditch effort of an idea. We’re not proud of it, but we have to do something.”

“To divide our community, to break our community over this – which is a short-term Band-Aid that doesn’t even solve the problem – to me, it wasn’t worth it,” Ploog said in a interview. “We need housing, and I want us to rally around housing.”

Jablow, for his part, seems exasperated. He is not prepared to push ahead with the project while campaigners are gathering signatures. He believes it’s needed immediately, but doesn’t want to waste money on a program that never sees the light of day. The parking program isn’t the best idea, Jablow concedes. But he has yet to hear a viable alternative.

“Give me an idea,” the mayor said. “I’m open to anything.”

Source: The Guardian (UK)

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